The market data API for frontends

Build and launch your product in half the time with a high-performance GraphQL API and unlimited streaming connections.

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Yuzu is the fastest way to build with financial data

🙅 No more:

  1. Cron jobs to scrape rigid REST APIs
  2. Caching market data in your own database
  3. Custom API to serve your frontend
  4. Proxying or polling to work around limited websocket connections
  5. Fixing issues with splits or ticker symbol changes

🍋 The Yuzu Stack:

🚿 Streaming API

Stream live prices directly to clients, no proxying or polling

🕸 GraphQL API

Grab all the data you need in a single API call

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Fintech Apps

⚡️ Unlimited price streams.

Build engaging UIs fast with streaming prices for stocks, crypto, and forex.

Stream trades, quotes, and 1-second aggregates directly to any frontend with 5 lines of code.

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🕸 Build faster with GraphQL.

Grab all the data you need to build any screen in your app. No need to store market data in your own database.

Fetch current and historical data for crypto, securities, and forex in one API call.

Average API calls required with:

🍋 Yuzu: 1 API call

Polygon: 10-15 API calls

IEX: 20 API calls

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query StockDetails {
  securities(input: {
      symbols: ["AAPL"]
    }) {
    lastTrade {
    aggregates(input: { period: DAY }) {
Performance Tier

🏦 Enterprise-grade performance without the data engineering.

Yuzu is the first market data platform to offer a Postgres SQL API, which you connect to directly in your backend framework of choice. SDKs for Rails, Prisma, and Django make it as easy to access real-time market data as if it were in your own database.

When you're ready to scale, Yuzu will provision and manage a dedicated Postgres database in your cloud or data center of choice, so any data you need on the backend is just a SQL query away. Colocated and always up to date. No more piping gigabytes of data into your own database.

SELECT securities.symbol, prices.close
FROM security_price_daily prices
INNER JOIN securities ON prices.security_id =
INNER JOIN index_constituents ic ON = ic.security_id
INNER JOIN indices i ON ic.index_id =
WHERE i.symbol = 'DJI'

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Join Yuzu office hours to get help understanding the world of public market data and an unbiased opinion about which data is right for you.

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Yuzu was purpose-built for

Trading platforms

Using real-time price data streams, users get the most up-to-date view of the markets. Connect apps directly to Yuzu without managing fleets of websocket connections.

Portfolio Trackers

Connect your server directly to Yuzu's data warehouse to make historical portfolio valuation a breeze. Yuzu has up-to-the minute data on over 60,000 stocks, crypto, mutual funds, and ETFs.


Rendering information about dozens of securities shouldn't require dozens of API calls. Yuzu's high-performance GraphQL API takes the work out of frontend development.

Financial Analytics

Driving financial insights shouldn't involve building your own extensive financial dataset. Yuzu's SQL API takes the data engineering out of financial analytics, allowing you to focus on building world-class visualizations.

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