Market Data APIs & Infrastructure

Build faster with GraphQL, Websockets, and SQL, no data pipelines required.


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Yuzu is the first market data platform designed to eliminate data engineering. Leverage GraphQL, Streaming and SQL APIs to flexibly grab market data on-demand and build faster.

One API, many ways to access

Yuzu enables rapid development through flexible data access up and down the stack. Connect apps and websites directly to Yuzu’s GraphQL API, and your server to our Postgres warehouse to easily grab gobs of data quickly.

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Yuzu was built by experienced technologists with decades of experience in Fintech and market data. Schedule a demo with someone from our engineering team to ask questions about market data and learn how we can help.

Why nerds love Yuzu:


p95 response time

< 20ms

Streaming latency


Uptime across all services

4.3 Billion

Time-series data points

Data for every use case

Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Crypto, Forex. 10 years of historical prices and minute-level aggregates. Yuzu has everything you need to build professional-quality investing apps, portfolio trackers, analysis platforms, and more.

Browse datasets

U.S. Stocks

  • 7,900 Stocks, ADRs, REITs, Warrants, and more
  • Trades
  • Quotes
  • Aggregates (minute, hour, day)
  • Splits
  • 10+ Years of historical data

ETFs & Mutual Funds

  • 28,000 ETFs & Mutual Funds
  • NAV, Management Style, Expense Ratio, and more
  • Trades, Quotes, & Aggregates
  • Splits
  • 10+ Years of historical data


  • Thousands of News Articles and Press Releases published every day
  • Flexible access and search
  • Content and Image previews

Company Logos

  • Wilshire 5000 + 1000 additional US equities
  • 24 hour turnaround for additional logos
  • Logos & logo marks available as vector or raster images


  • 1,900+ Trading Pairs from Coinbase, Binance, and Binance U.S.
  • Trades, Quotes, & Aggregates
  • Up to 10 years of historical data


  • 1,200+ Trading Pairs
  • Quotes & Aggregates
  • 12+ years of historical data
  • Detailed currency metadata

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